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I am an artist who has painted pieces for Lucasfilm posters, Topps trading cards, and Disney artwork for Acme Archives. I have new work featuring several comic characters. Comic conventions have been the most rewarding way to connect with fans, buyers, artists, and others who love these characters as much as I do.

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Instagram : @dougcowanart

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Twitter : @dougcowanart


Fine art, prints, apparel, and jewelry with a dark twist and a philosophical approach.


Ryan Santos is a New England native that studied painting and illustration in New York City before working for McFarlane toys and exhibiting in galleries. The Art of Ryan Santos grew in popularity when Ryan added Comic Conventions to his schedule. Ryan offers prints, stickers and even canvas reproductions of his work but where he really shines is the highest quality commissions of original art that he produces that are of an unbelievable value for the money. The Art of Ryan Santos not only uses pop culture as subjects for his art but surprisingly offers traditional landscapes, portraits and fine art paintings.


Fairy Haven began its inception in 1999 when I set out to start my own business; vending primarily at renaissance festivals. I started out selling only horns, made of ceramic and based on mythical creatures, such as Satyrs. Throughout the years the product line has grown to include resin horns, fairy wings, fantasy ears, fairy tails and a multitude of other items. All of our products are hand-crafted by myself or one of my close associates, many of whom I consider family.


I am a pop culture portrait artist selling archival signed prints, bookmarks, and original paintings. I print everything in my home studio, measure and cut all prints to fit standard frame sizes, and laminate and cut all bookmarks by hand so that customers can be assured that my products come straight from the artist!

All of my original art is hand-painted and each piece has its own one-of-a-kind texture and personality. Whenever I approach a portrait, I think about what will best express the character and work from there. To achieve this, I'll go beyond traditional mediums- I'll build my own custom canvases, incorporate rust and gold leaf, paint with wood-stains, use found objects, and sculpt three-dimensional aspects.


AdorkaBows sells hand-made, one-of-a-kind hair bows & cute pet accessories! All made by the artist, Sarah Forde, each hair bow has a unique style and a pop of nerd culture. Sarah also sells hand-drawn colored pencil illustrations, coloring books, & merchandise from her pose reference project, SenshiStock!

Facebook: @adorkabows

Instagram: @adorkabows

Twitter: @adorkabows

Corinne Roberts Illustration

Corinne Roberts writes and illustrates the ongoing web comic series "Out and About" (1 & 2). She has written/illustrated Trip to Trekka and Imaginary Sea 1,2,3! Along with her books, she illustrated the web comic, Kitty Game and games such as, Unreal Estate, Dodgy Dinos and Founding Fathers Fisticuffs. She was also nominated for the Gary Reed Award in 2019.


I'm an Italian artist, I laser engrave wood in order to create unique items, wooden posters, wooden phone cases and laptop cases as well. We invented a method of painting the wood before engraving in order to achieve a unique result. We succeed in engraving at the incredible resolution of 500PPI on wood, adding different types of paint and wax/oils, our treatment and visual style is unique.


Handcrafted chainmaille jewelry and accessories. I specialize in fandom/geekdom pieces, and almost everything is customizable to the client's wishes.


Vortex Man is a super hero that was created to raise awareness to the ever growing problem of pollution on our planet. Our society has become very disposable and we need to make a change if there is going to be a planet to leave behind for future generations to come.

10% of all proceeds generated from the sale of our comics and other merchandise is donated to children's cancer research. This year we will be debuting our latest comic the Fukushima Dynamo that is available in 4 different variants. For the first time EVER we are offering are comic in Manga format.

Facebook: @vortexman1

Twitter: @vortexman1

Instagram: @vortexman1


Little Giant Comics is a ONE-STOP Comic Book retailer specializing in Golden thru Bronze HIGH GRADE COMICS. We are a grass roots mom and pop business that operates on INTEGRITY as our core value. We will not lowball you when buying your collection or special comic! FanExpo Boston is one of ONLY 2 shows that we do & by far the biggest. WE HAVE BEEN STOCKING UP FOR THIS SHOW! Nothing but COMIC BOOKS & ARTISTS - BOOM!


Original artwork, fine art prints and laminated premium grade vinyl wraps for board sports, your home, and tech devices.


It's like "Legos" for Bags. Build Your Own Bag with our patented modular P.A.C. (Portable All-Purpose Containment) System. Get fitted for your backpack. We're not all one size. We've been designing and manufacturing our own wares for almost 15 years. My wife and I left our jobs to do this business full time. Now we travel with 2 little ones all around the country introducing our invention.


E.A. Channon is author of the Flesh of the Blood Fantasy Series. We involve our fans in the world of Marn by offering t-shirt, artwork and so much more beyond just books.


Artist, Liz of TRACIMOC (It's Comic Art Backwards!) takes homeless comic books and transforms them into a unique useable and wearable art. All the art is created from the original comic print, which allows each piece to be a great one-of-a-kind gift for all ages! Items include, wallets, jewelry, pins, wall art, and much more!

The most popular item is the comic book wallets. Each wallet is handcrafted by Liz, and constructed using the original comic book pages. Attendees are even welcome to bring in their own comic they want recycled into a wallet and drop it off at the con with Liz to be made just for you!

Facebook: @tracimoc

Instagram: @tracimoc

Twitter: @tracimoc


We are located in Historic Salem. We offer a wide variety of unique items. If you are looking for metaphysical or spiritual items, we have a large selection of incense and crystals. Make sure to check out our line of Dragon and Fantasy statues.

Since we are located in Witch City, we have a complete line of Sp-ritual, Steampunk and Horror products.

TEEMINUS24.COM is a boutique design and print company focused on making unique fandom t-shirts and vinyl decals. Established in 2011, we have created over 200 t-shirt designs based on our favorite movies, tv shows, video games and comic books. Our husband and wife team have traveled to comic conventions all over the United States, offering our unique creations to thousands of fellow fans.

Facebook: @TeeMinus24

Instagram: @TeeMinus24

Twitter: @TeeMinus24