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If there’s one thing that fans are known for doing, it’s passionately defending their opinions. In the spirit of that, we present for your consideration this month’s ranked list: Which fictional baby character is the best?

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1. Baby Yoda

The Mandalorian is great in its own right, but the addition of the mysterious, cute, and now iconic creature lovingly dubbed “Baby Yoda” pushed it over the top. It’s Baby Yoda’s world and we are all just living in it.

2. Baby Groot

Everyone loves a comeback, and this savior-turned-sapling is no exception. The post-credits scene with Baby Groot grooving out was one of many highlights of Guardians of the Galaxy and a welcome pit stop before the terror that is Teenage Groot.

3. Maggie Simpson

The longest-running baby on this list, Maggie Simpson ruled the baby game before many of the others were just a twinkle in their parents’ eyes. Over the years, she’s been shown to be a proficient marksman, savant-like mathematician, strategic online poker player, and skillful musician.

4. Jack-Jack

A slow-burn in the first Incredibles movie, Jack-Jack has since revealed himself to be a true force of chaos. He is never more destructive than when he needs to defend his family, and villains underestimate him at their own peril.

5. Baby Mario

A friend to Yoshis is a friend to us all. Baby Mario may be small, but he’s managed to build a pretty large empire in the last two-and-a-half decades, spanning from side-scrollers to racing to a “puzzling” medical practice.

6. Baby Nut

Baby Nut’s flair for drama (being born atop Mr. Peanut’s grave) and his clear hunger for the title of “Best Baby” came on strong, and that has led to a fandom divided. Will Baby Nut persevere? Or will he be relegated to the Wall of Past Contenders? Only time (and a significant amount of advertising money) will tell.

7. Baby Jabba

The Force is all about balance--therefore, for every Baby Yoda, there must be a Baby Jabba. Small, doughy, and a little slobbery, this baby didn’t have a Disney+ series to keep his momentum going, but we admire him for trying.

8. Baby Sonic

Oh Sonic, it’s been such a rollercoaster ride watching you change from a CGI abomination to an actually-pretty-great avatar of everyone’s fav speed demon. The glimpse of a Baby Sonic in a recent trailer has our attention, and this baby has more to give to the world when the movie hits theatres.

9. Boss Baby

A (always) B (be) C (campaigning … for “Best Baby”). This entrepreneurial tyke is admirably savvy--we received a PR packet from his team hoping to improve his ranking--but honestly Boss Baby just tries too hard to be loved, and that’s the bottom line.

10. Baby Shark

Baby Shark is a mindworm masquerading as a cartoony kids song and it must be stopped. Don’t listen to anything it says. Don’t look into its eyes doo doo doo doo doo doo.

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