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Vanya Yount

Vanya is a New York based designer, patternmaker, and costumer specializing in sewing and intricate needlework techniques. She studied Fashion & Textile Technology at Buffalo State University, and has a total of twenty years of sewing experience along with other skills including leatherwork, fabric dyeing, patterning, thermoplastic manipulation, resin-casting, and 3D printing pieces to create truly full-custom costume builds.

Vanya has been part of the cosplay community for fun and competition for the past eight years, attending cons throughout the US and Canada. This includes competing in the Crown Championships Of Cosplay and Eastern Cosplay Championships, alongside many other competitions, with frequent placement success


Lindsay Aries of Leeleethebunny Cosplay has been cosplaying for 15 years; trying with each build to learn new skills and take on new challenges. She has judged over 20 costume contests and has also been commissioned several times to make and wear costumes for video game companies. Most recently she was commissioned to create a Fortnite cosplay for Gamescom in Germany.

Human Sushi Cosplay

Abby of Human Sushi Cosplay has been cosplaying and competing since 2004. She’s won several awards, including Best in Show and Best Overall Craftsmanship, for her dozens of detailed costumes over the years. Abby has been active in the cosplay judging community since 2009 and has judged at multiple different conventions in the New England area over the past decade, including Granite State Comic Con, Rhode Island Comic Con, and Boston Comic Con.

With a great eye for intricate details, Abby prefers to focus on making sewing based costumes with copious amounts of hand detailing, including beadwork, embroidery, and goldwork. Though her focus is on sewing, Abby is proficient in a number of different costume making skill sets including wig styling, dyeing, painting, and foam & worbla work.